FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions!

What is a remote collar?

The remote collar is our main tool! This incredible collar allows for communication to your dog off leash, at a distance and around high distractions. Yes – that means your dog will listen to you even when they’re distracted by something else and not connected to you by a leash. This is the only tool that allows this kind of communication to dogs OFF leash, which is convenient not only outdoors, but inside your home as well. We do all the heavy lifting so after your dog returns home, they are fluent in this new language and all you need to do is give the command! Please watch the thousands of videos we have put out on the hundreds of dogs who have been through our program over the years ranging in breeds, ages and temperaments on all platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to see this amazing tool in action.

Are we a good fit for each other?

In order for you and your dog to get the most out of my training programs, it is important for you to become very familiar with my philosophy and be willing to put in the work needed to make a lifestyle change for your dog.  There is a ton of free information available here on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube account that can help you with this transformation. You need to be just as comfortable using the training tools and methods as I am, as well as be as excited as I am to getting your dog into a better state of mind.  

•  If your dog has ANY behavioral issues: jumping, counter surfing, barking, biting, growling, anxiety, nervousness, whining, marking, pulling, snapping, barging through thresholds, you need to recognize that there’s a problem.  The way your dog views the environment, home and people he/she lives with are contributing to this problem. I am here to help you recognize what needs to change and how to change it! This has to be a team effort by all involved. I am more than ready to do whatever it takes to help your family become successful, but you need to make that same commitment to your dog.

•  I need you to be 100% comfortable with my training techniques.

•  With dogs that have behavioral issues (especially aggression, anxiety, or fear issues), I ask clients to stop comforting and doting on their dog.  Affection is a dog’s most valuable reward. Giving  constant verbal, physical, and food praise amplifies whatever behavior he is currently exhibiting. Once your dog behaves in a calm, respectful and polite manner and understands what is expected of them should they be rewarded with affection. I might also ask you to restrict furniture privileges and ask that your dog begin sleeping in a crate at night.

•  I’m looking for clients that are going to follow through with all of the homework sent.  Your follow through at home is imperative to the success of your dog’s training. 

•  Dog Training is a Team Effort! I cannot stress enough how important it is that each and every family member that comes into contact with their pet dog, must be on the same page in regards to its training, rules, structure, rewards, and discipline. Any slack or overindulgence in any one of these areas merely creates inconsistency and confusion. When one pack member/owner is soft and leans towards permissiveness (usually out of fear of losing affection from the dog), and the other is quick to confidently correct, the dog is left in limbo, not really clear on how to make healthy choices. It is necessary and imperative that ALL family members partake in corrective exercises so that the dog is subjected to consistent, identical commands and responds routinely without having to figure things out on his own. If you ever want your dog to get to that balanced, calm place where consistent, reliable choices are made on a daily basis, each and every pack member MUST be on the same page.

•  Daily structured walks are imperative. These do not need to be 5 miles long. Exercising the brain by taking your dog on a 15 minute structured walk in heel is much more mentally challenging than letting them drag you around for an hour. This is also a leadership exercise between you and your dog as well as an important bonding time.

I know all of this may feel daunting! Ultimately we all just want to have fun with our dogs. And this is totally possible when certain boundaries and structure are in place to allow it. When we work together and we’re all on the same page, we will get your dog to that amazing place where he consistently makes good choices so that you can take him/her to places you weren’t able to before.

Dog training is a lifestyle. I want your whole family to benefit from our experience together. My goal is to have your family and dog living a peaceful, well balanced life together. If you are willing to commit to this journey, anything is possible.

Is there a guarantee?

You will see your dog doing amazing things you never thought possible on their videos during their time with us. On the final day, we have our comprehensive go home session transferring all training over to you. We do not end that session until everyone is satisfied and happy! Once the dog leaves our care, due to the many variables involved to create a well-behaved, balanced dog, including owner commitment, consistency, and follow-through, it would be unethical for us to offer a 100% guarantee. However, we only choose the most dedicated and diligent owners so, in our experience, no matter how severe the issues, we consistently see breakthrough results and amazing transformations. We have never come across a dog we could not help. We work hand in hand as a team in your dog’s rehabilitation. This process of teamwork and collaboration begins before we even meet your dog, moves through the training process, and continues long after your dog has gone home. Once you hire us, we consider you part of our family, and your success is our utmost priority.

Do you offer discounts?

No. We put the same amount of effort and time into each and every dog who comes through our program.

Do you offer one week programs?

We get asked this quite a bit for dogs who “are trained and don’t need the full program.” or “my dog only has this one issue!” And we used to offer this, however we found quickly the dogs folks were saying were trained were not nearly up to our standards and ended up requiring the full program. It can take up to a week for us to even build a relationship with these dogs that we stopped offering this “quick fix.” We are looking to make long lasting changes in these dogs, and a week is not nearly enough time. Time is one of the greatest tools in dog training.

Do you offer refreshers for graduates?

Yes! Once your dog has graduated our program, they are welcome back for what we call “tune ups” which are 7 days and are $700. They include a full two hour go home session on the final day. Many have sent their dogs back for refreshers and since the training isn’t so new to them this time, we can focus on bigger or different things regarding their dog’s issues and training!

Do you offer tours?

Here are virtual tours! Since we operate this out of our home, we do not walk folks through the home. We also have dogs in training at any given time with various issues who may not be ready yet for strangers walking past them and it would be unfair to subject them to this distraction without proper preparation. I can assure you these dogs are well cared for as if they were our own! Please watch these videos for tours of both sites:

After the board and train, how can we stay in touch?

After your dog graduates, they are eligible for boarding and daycare at either site should you ever need a safe, structured and fun place for them to stay while you are away. You will also be invited to join our monthly graduate pack walks in Frederick which are so much fun. Also, we have a graduate group on Facebook where everyone connects. Lifelong friendships have been formed here! This is full of like minded owners who have sent their dog through our program or are waiting to send their dog. We are here for you for life.

Can I come visit my dog during training?

No. During your dog’s board and train, visits are not part of our protocol. We are working hard to fundamentally make changes in your dog’s state of mind and behavior and a visit with you when your dog isn’t quite ready could set the training back. There is a reason board and train works so well: the dog is removed from their old environment and is able to start fresh. However, we do post videos and photos every day on multiple social media platforms so you can stay updated. In the grand scheme of things, three weeks is a drop in the bucket!