Our Philosophy

Our Balanced Training Approach!

This is a remote collar program! Ultimately, I want you to trust your dog and for them to be a big part of your everyday life. Imagine being able to do any of the following, without a second thought:

  • putting your dog in a “sit-stay” while you chat with a friend in the middle of a walk.
  • calmly directing your dog to their Place Bed to avoid anxious wandering/pacing.
  • skipping the entire runaround of your dog rushing to the door when someone knocks or rings.
  • completely avoiding unwanted chasing or chewing, counter-surfing, etc.
  • putting your dog in an immediate “down-stay” whenever you want.
  • taking your dog for an off-leash hike or beach run, knowing they will come back on command.
  • eating on a restaurant patio in peace while your dog enjoys the view.
  • taking your dog to any dog-friendly event.
  • and of course, being able to pose your dog for a great photo!

I utilize a training method of clear instructions with rules and guidelines, so that there is no confusion as to what kind of behavior we want from your dog. This unmistakable “yes/no” approach to training has yielded the greatest results for my clients, and the dog really appreciates knowing exactly what is expected of them to receive praise.

Please watch the videos below for a detailed explanation of our entire program!