My Philosophy

Training Goals

Ultimately, I want you to trust your dog and for them to be a big part of your everyday life. Imagine being able to do any of the following, without a second thought:

  • putting your dog in a “sit-stay” while you chat with a friend in the middle of a walk.
  • calmly directing your dog to their Place Bed to avoid anxious wandering/pacing.
  • skipping the entire runaround of your dog rushing to the door when someone knocks or rings.
  • completely avoiding unwanted chasing or chewing, counter-surfing, etc.
  • putting your dog in an immediate “down-stay” whenever you want.
  • taking your dog for an off-leash hike or beach run, knowing they will come back on command.
  • eating on a restaurant patio in peace while your dog enjoys the view.
  • taking your dog to any dog-friendly event.
  • and of course, being able to pose your dog for a great photo!

I utilize a training method of clear instructions, rules and guidelines, so that there is no confusion as to what kind of behavior we want from your dog. This unmistakable “yes/no” approach to training has yielded the greatest results for my clients, and the dog really appreciates knowing exactly what is expected of them to receive praise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What training tools do you use?

We have a wide variety of training tools!  Ultimately, our goal is a dog who listens reliably OFF LEASH even with distractions.  All dogs achieve this when they come through our program (yes, even the dogs who the owners think will be the exception!) The remote collar is the most amazing tool because it works up to 1/2 a mile away and once your dog is trained on the collar, we can now communicate with them at a distance without a leash.  Incredible.  The prong collar is an amazing tool that allows us to efficiently and effectively communicate directly to your dog in a gentle but clear manner. Prong collars are great for structured walks, maintaining a calm energy level, and controlling even the strongest pullers. When used correctly, the collar can completely intercept these unwanted behaviors before they begin. The remote collar is another fantastic, yet widely misunderstood training tool that allows you to communicate with your dog from up to a half a mile away. We take the time to teach and train your dog what the sensation means, so upon returning home all you need to do is give the command. We use only the industry’s best remote collars here from We only use collars with a wide variety of levels (up to 100), employing levels that a human would not even be able to feel on their own skin during the training period. Trust me, we’ve all tried it. We ensure remote collar training is FUN for your dog and associated with rewards like fun outings, off-leash hiking, and freedom in open spaces! You may buy the remote collar from me, and choose your color! Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Black, Orange, or Red!

Will my dog always have to wear the remote collar?

Do you always want the peace of mind that you can communicate with your dog no matter what the distraction? You may never have to press the button, but it’s there if you need it. We want your life to be as easy and stress free as possible with your dog, and this tool allows for that. With consistency, your dog may be perfect in a few months, but you just never know what life will throw at you, and you want to be ready. It’s like a seatbelt. We wear it all the time but rarely have to use it. But in those rare times, we are glad it was on.

How will I continue with the training once my dog comes home?

During your dog’s stay, you will receive a daily photo as well as video updates and reading homework.

On the final day, we will have a comprehensive, 2- hour Go Home Session during which we’ll go over all the new commands. We will take time to work through problem areas and go over how to troubleshoot tough situations. You’ll then receive a detailed 30-day plan to help you best adhere to rules that were enforced during training.

Every family and dog is different so the Go Home Session will vary greatly depending on the situation. Just remember we are on the same team, and I want to see good results just as much as you do! I’m never more than a phone call away if you need me.

Are the results guaranteed?

Due to the high number of variables involved in creating a well-trained, well-balanced dog, it would be unethical for us to offer a 100% guarantee. However, we continue to see consistent breakthrough results and only choose the most committed and diligent clients to work with. We have found that our clients make dramatic changes and see amazing results with their dogs. On the final day, we will have a comprehensive go-home session where all of the training and information is transferred over to you. We will not end the session until everyone is satisfied. We provide a detailed go-home plan to continue to maintain the training and are available for support for the life of the dog.

Lessons Learned


Your dog will learn the command “sit” and not break until released. Great for photo ops or stopping to talk to a friend on a walk!


Your dog will learn the command “down” and not break until released. Wonderful for bringing your dog to public, dog friendly places like restaurant patios where you’d like your dog calm and relaxed.


The Place Command is an excellent household management tool where your dog will learn to go to a raised place bed on command and not leave until released. We teach on the raised place beds but once mastered, your dog learns that “place” can be anything with a defined boundary like a dog bed, a bathroom mat, or a rug. Once we eliminate the stress and anxiety of free roam around the house, and give the dog a job on the place bed, you will see calm and relaxed behavior. It is here where your dog will learn to simply exist as the world goes on around him/her. This teaches boundaries and impulse control and solves a wide variety of behavioral problems in the house.


Loose leash walking by your side with autosits when you stop. The Structured Walk is one of the most important exercises you can do with your dog. Having your dog focused on you and looking to you for guidance and direction instead of dragging you down the street focusing and alert on everything else in the world is priceless.


Coming when called in any situation or distraction. We will teach the “Come” command, proofed off leash.

Crate Manners

Your dog will learn not to rush out of the crate and how to quietly relax in the crate. Note: I am currently not taking cases of separation anxiety or severe crate anxiety. If your dog doesn’t currently sleep in a crate, please start conditioning them to the crate about a week before the board and train to help diminish any anxiety.

General Household manners

Your dog will learn how to be a polite member of the family! No rushing through thresholds, calm behavior in the house, waiting for food, eliminate jumping, counter surfing, mouthing, nipping, excessive barking, chewing inappropriate items, and any other undesirable behavior they may have.

Tools used

Place Bed

Place beds are raised cots off the floor that I use for training “The Place Command.” I prefer using raised cots as opposed to regular dog beds because of the clear, defined boundary, setting the dog up for success. You can order place beds through me at, or order yourself from other great brands like Kuranda, Coolaroo, PetCot, or K&H. Measure from nose to tail and go from there!

Prong Collar

The prong collar is a very gentle and effective communication training collar that I will use to train your dog all obedience commands. Using food combined with leash guidance helps me shape some great behaviors! The prong collar works through small moments of pressure and release, creating a clear line of communication from me to your dog. It does not harm your dog in any way, and is one of the most gentle tools out there! Please check out my video explaining these!

Remote Collar

Also called an Ecollar, this amazing training tool allows for off leash reliability in any situation. I only use the most up to date, state of the art brands and models with a wide variety of levels. I specialize in low level remote collar training, where I will layer in the ecollar over commands your dog already knows through foundational obedience, creating off leash reliability and making sure your dog understands what we are asking. Please check out my video explaining these!


All dogs for board and train will learn crate manners, but I will ask that you start conditioning your dog to the crate at least a week before the board and train to help diminish any crate anxiety while with me. Anxiety will slow the learning process!